Where to Begin?

I have lofty goals in life, and no plan to do anything but achieve these goals.  That being said everybody has goals right?  Sure, everybody has goals, and everybody has dreams, but not everybody achieves their wildest dreams, and I have set out to find out why people don’t achieve their dreams, so I can learn from the mistakes of others and use these lessons to further my own path to achieving goals.

It was said that a smart man learns from his mistakes, while a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

We all encounter failures in life, and these are mistakes that we should learn from, however if we also learn from the mistakes of others we can be that much closer.

I’ve had an interesting path, and there has been some highs, some very low lows, and a lot of knowledge gained along the way.  I hope that my story is something that people can relate to, learn from, or just enjoy the read.

Until next time…



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