Why Should I Read This?

This blog is among many others in the vast expanses of the internet, and you probably wonder why you should read this and follow me instead of one of the many other blogs out there.

I try to do everything I can to drive myself forward in life, and have experienced many things along the way to where I am now.  I currently have a middle management job at a Family run business, and have a couple investments in the market, including bitcoin.  So the question is what makes me special?  Realistically nothing, aside from the fact that I’m 22 years old and have many experiences in my life that I can share, and plenty of experiences to come that I can share with you.  I spend my days doing day to day business tasks, as well as training a variety of new and experienced employees, so I hope that my training knowledge and my experiences combined can give you something to think about, learn from, or at the very least get a good laugh out of my experienced.

I’ll share posts about my life, my experiences in business, my travels, and share much of my ever expanding knowledge along the way.  I will also periodically be inserting stories from my past, and explaining how these experiences have had an impact with the lessons I’ve learned from them.

Hopefully something in here is of value to you, and I hope to share much more with you as time goes on.

Until Next Time…



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