Dreams.   What are they?  Why do we have them?  Why are they important?   And before you think that, no i don’t mean the proverbial movies running through your mind while you’re sleeping.  What I mean by dreams are aspirations.  What you aspire to in life, where you see yourself in X number of years.  What do you dream to be “when you grow up”?  What makes you tick?  What’s the end game?

This is something that may not be the same answer every day, I mean dreams change.  This all boils down to clarity at the end of the day.  I have always known what my end game is, but where I got confused, and still get confused is determining the steps required to reach that end goal.   This is what you really have to figure out to get the most out of yourself.

Some dream of a family with a white picket fence.  Some dream of a massive house and a fancy car.  Some have lower aspirations and simply dream of being happy.  Whatever you dream of, figuring out the first step to actively move yourself closer to achieving that goal is the most important thing you can do now to set yourself up for your ideal of success.

More to come.



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