The most dreaded day of the week is here, and I for one don’t dread my Mondays, I look forward to them.  The way you live out your Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week.  Why do we detest Monday in the first place?  Is it because we have to go back to work after enjoying a weekend of freedom?  If you go back to work in this mindset, that’s now setting you up for the best week ahead.

I approach every Monday as an opportunity to make this the best week yet, when I walk in the doors of my office, I aim to be as productive as I can be, for as long as I can be right off the bat.  After this I take a quick break and greet everyone so I can spend a couple minutes standing and resting my mind, then back to it.  When I spend my Monday morning being incredibly productive and getting ahead of things that would otherwise bog me down the rest of the week, I can rest easy later on in the day, able to efficiently schedule the rest of my week and not have to worry about the catchup I took care of in the morning.

So it’s up to you, is Monday a dread that comes around only to signify the weekend being over?  OR is Monday the opportunity for you to get ahead and set the tone for the week ahead?



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