There Are 3 Things You Must Do In Order To Become Wealthy

There are three things you must do in order to become wealthy.  You must have the right mindset, discover your purpose in life, and find a business that expresses that purpose

This is an incredibly accurate statement, that very much holds true in my life, particularly when I take the time to really reflect on the words.  Having the mindset to be successful allows you to devote yourself to that goal.  If you are not in the proper frame of mind, then you may not be able to put this goal above other wants in life, to drive yourself forward as quickly as possible.  You must discover your purpose, and NO making a lot of money is not your purpose.  Finding something that you love, and that allows you to feel fulfilled, will allow you to work much harder and with less risk of burnout, than if you were doing something you don’t love.  Lastly, you have to find a business that expresses this passion to people, and this also is true.  When you convey your passion and excitement to your clients, these clients will be much more eager to work with you.

All of this holds true to both my full-time career in Business/Technology, and my blogging on the side.  Both of these allow me to love what I do, feel like I’m helping people, and convey this feeling to others.  This overall feeling of the path I’m on allows for driving forward without being unmotivated by road blocks as I have historically been on less exciting paths.

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