Why Do I Do This?

Why do I write these long posts? Why do I share my stories and advice? What good is any of this to you? If you read on you’ll most likely understand.

I chose to create this site, and this brand for a simple reason. I want nothing more than to be successful in life. I want to be successful, and I don’t let anything stand in my way. So what does success mean to me? It means a series of financial goals, a series of personal goals, and a series of business goals. My financial goals all have set steps to get there, and benchmarks set for certain ages so that I can measure progress. These goals are always reachable as well, because if they aren’t reachable, I’ll just lose motivation as I fail along the way. I have personal goals like buying my first property by a certain age. So you understand my level of drive I will share that this property goal was set for age 26, which I actually accomplished this year at 22. Lastly there is business goals, this goal is based on benchmarks as well, such as learning new skills, or meeting new people.

Regardless of what the goal is, I have a set path to reaching each one of them and the drive to keep myself constantly moving forward. So now that you know what Success means to me, let’s go back to why I write these posts.

1. These posts help me stay motivated and keep myself accountable to my own goals.

2. I believe that a true benchmark of success and character in a person is that person’s ability to help other people grow. That is the simple answer, I write to help others succeed along with me.

Until next time,


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