David vs Goliath – Who Has The Advantage?

If we’re being honest, the theme for this post is inspired by the current season of Survivor that premiered this evening, but this is an interesting concept none the less. Who has the advantage the David type or the Goliath type? Is other words, is it the hustler who has battled adversity their whole life, or the naturally gifted who had natural advantages in everything.

Both sides definitely have attributes that would allow them to win, but who really has the best shot? The person who will battle until the final whistle blows? Or the person who has natural abilities and a head start? I personally believe that it depends on the situation. Sure, a Goliath or somebody naturally gifted with a head start definitely has a better education, more money, and a substantial advantage, however you can never count out the underdog. The David or hustler will fight until the game is over and is used to battling adversity. This tendency to battle adversity I believe is the real advantage. Being able to push through and knowing that you have worked as hard as possible in the past, gives you a better grit and determination when things get hard. The Goliath has a great outlook as someone who is used to winning, but the David knows that things get hard, and they can push through.

Who do you think has the advantage?



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