Stress. Driving Force or Crushing Pressure?

How does stress affect the way you function? How can you harness it to turn it into a tool to make you invincible? Some of of thrive under pressure and some of us crumble. Stress is something that everyone faces. We all have things going on in life that stress us out, deadlines, commitments, friends and family, and money.

Stress is some cases leads to anxiety, a growing problem with today’s younger generation. Millennials specifically are constantly stressed about living in the shadow on Gen X and the Baby Boomers. Constantly stressed about living up to high expectations, and more often than not stressed about money.

Let’s start with an easy one.


If you can’t put yourself first then that’s a problem. Putting yourself first is the first step in commanding your stress. If you can’t believe in yourself, and don’t believe what you’re doing is enough. Then you expect too much, which will always leave you worrying about what you’re doing. When I do something with the best of my ability, I accept that I’ve done my best, but in the future I will be able to do better. I don’t doubt what I’ve done now, but I do know I can always learn to be better. This is the first step to commanding your stress.

The same goes with money stress. If you worry about you, and stop comparing yourself to everyone else, I guarantee you’ll be a hell of a lot happier. Focus on what you need, what makes you happy, not on things that make other people think higher of you. You don’t need things to make others happy, only to make yourself happy.

Focus on this and I promise, you’ll handle your stress better!



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