Money Stress – Don’t Let It Drag You Down

I’ve seen stress about money get in the way of the success of more people around me than anything else.  Being in a negative state of mind unfortunately prevents us from reaching our full potential, and I’ve found that more often than not, money is the thing that puts people in a negative state of mind.

Our modern capitalist society gives people a false sense of need.  We’re constantly exposed to media, and content.  This content tells us what they want us to buy, and the more we consume this content, the more we believe we need the newest car, the newest cell phone, and other new items to make us feel successful, and look successful to those around us.

The first thing to focus on is to live within your means.  If you can’t live within your means and understand that you don’t need the nicest, newest version of everything, then you’re heading down the wrong path.  If you can spend your time in a social circle of people in a similar financial situation to you.  If you spend your time with more affluent people, then you’re more likely to spend in excess to try to keep up.

If you can focus on saving money properly, and automating these savings so you don’t have a choice, and then spending within your means for the rest of the period until your next paycheque, you’ll begin to build a cushion.  The larger this nest egg or cushion gets the better you’ll feel about your finances.  If you don’t have to stress about your finances, then you’re more likely to be able to stay focused on the end goal.

More on saving, budgeting, and finances to come soon.

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One thought on “Money Stress – Don’t Let It Drag You Down”

  1. 👍 If people won’t have control over their money, their money will have control over them.


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