New Month – New Opportunity

Why is it that every January we set new resolutions for ourselves with expectations that we will change our lives overnight?  We as a society are inherently lazy and are looking for any excuse to not have to do the hard work now.  I don’t set my goals based on a year for a New Years Resolution, I set myself a new goal every month.  Nothing crazy, but a small goal with 28-31 days (depending on the month) to hold myself accountable for, and build a new habit!

For February my goal is to track every calorie I eat and work on my health.  Setting a small goal like this gives the month to build the habit with a shorter expectation of myself to hold accountable for.  Once the month is over, it will be second nature to continue this habit.

Try setting a new goal for this month.  A small change that will make a big difference in the long run.   Whether that goal is to read 4 books this month, to spend 1 more hour a week at the gym this month, to leave the office 20 minutes earlier to spend more time at home, or to eat more healthy foods.  A timeframe of one month makes this goal feel achievable and is a perfect timeframe to build a good habit and set a baseline for the future.

Have a great month!




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