Networking vs Sales Prospecting

Networking vs Sales Prospecting, Which is the Best Fit for You?

One of the lessons I’ve recently begun to teach is the difference between networking and business prospecting, and how they have drastically different approaches, and different outcomes. Which is more effective? Which is the best for you to find your clients? Let’s explore more!

I define sales prospecting as the act of reaching out to people with the intent of telling them about a promotion or an offer. In the act of prospecting you generally have an idea of what you will sell or attempt to sell to the lead when you reach out.

Networking on the other hand is more about meeting people. I find something as simple as creating generic marketing materials, rather than price or product focussed materials and approaching the community with an introduction as simple as “Hello, I’m with XYZ Company and I’m just out in the community trying to get to know the local businesses/people. If you ever need help or have any questions about (Product or Service you Sell) I’m your guy!”

Now that we’ve defined the difference between the two, which would you believe to be more effective?

Personally, I find the networking approach to be substantially more effective. Nobody slams the door in your face when you’re just saying hello rather than selling them something! Also, you build a longer term funnel that way by being able to follow up by hosting community events later on and inviting everyone you’ve met on your networking ventures.

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