A Whole New World

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write anything unfortunately, but like many of you I’m unsure of what this new world means for all of us.  We’re in the midst of the most unforeseen circumstance that modern humanity has had to face, and the news and protocols are changing everyday.

The big question is “What can I do?”  Everybody is wondering the same thing, many people losing jobs, or being laid off and worrying about unemployment insurance payments.  At this point the only thing we can do is stay the course we’re on.  Take your time off and do something with it, and when this is over, we adapt to the changes that have taken place, and we move forward.

Take the time you have now to do one of the following three things and you’ll feel stronger coming out of this knowing you’ve accomplished something:

  1. Learn a New Skill
  2. Find a New Hobby
  3. Finish Something You Started but Didn’t Have Time For.

Any of these 3 will allow you to come out of all of this with a sense of accomplishment.

Any bit of positivity you can get will help make this a little bit more bearable.

Until Next Time.


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