Change Your Focus

I know I don’t write much anymore, but this quote means a lot to me, and I remember hearing this quote a while back, and it resonated with me. While I will continue to share a motivational quote of some kind with you most days, I will also be adding in some anecdotes from my personal story of climbing through business, and building my ladder of success one rung at a time along the way.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. This quote created a shift in my mindset that became a turning point in my career. I was (and still am) driven by financial gain, but a while back I came to realize what this quote speaks is incredibly true, while chasing money can be a great motivator for people in their careers, and this will help you advance, pursuing the service of people is even better. No matter what line of work you’re in, the people that you make an impact on everyday are the best source of you making more money in your career. If you serve as many people as you can, with the highest degree of service, be these people customers, employees, or your superiors at work, people will take note of the service you provide, and this will advance your career further and faster than a pursuit of money ever will. If you can advance your career by serving people and moving onto managing more people, or larger projects, the money will come in time.

Keep this in mind as you move along your own Climb to Success.



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