Quote of the Day

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” – Steve Jobs

This quote really does ring true in any business venture. No one person can have a thriving business alone, it takes a team. Much like how a surgeon can’t operate alone, they need an anesthesiologist, nurses, assisting surgeons, etc. A business has so many departments and things going on, that no one person can be the best at all of this. If you harness the individual strengths and skills of a team of people though, you stand a greater chance of being successful.


David vs Goliath – Who Has The Advantage?

If we’re being honest, the theme for this post is inspired by the current season of Survivor that premiered this evening, but this is an interesting concept none the less. Who has the advantage the David type or the Goliath type? Is other words, is it the hustler who has battled adversity their whole life, or the naturally gifted who had natural advantages in everything.

Both sides definitely have attributes that would allow them to win, but who really has the best shot? The person who will battle until the final whistle blows? Or the person who has natural abilities and a head start? I personally believe that it depends on the situation. Sure, a Goliath or somebody naturally gifted with a head start definitely has a better education, more money, and a substantial advantage, however you can never count out the underdog. The David or hustler will fight until the game is over and is used to battling adversity. This tendency to battle adversity I believe is the real advantage. Being able to push through and knowing that you have worked as hard as possible in the past, gives you a better grit and determination when things get hard. The Goliath has a great outlook as someone who is used to winning, but the David knows that things get hard, and they can push through.

Who do you think has the advantage?


Focus on Being Productive

“Focus in being productive instead of busy” – Tim Ferris.

What does this mean? More importantly why is this so important? Lets say you work a 40 hour week, and you spend your week working through tasks and projects. If it takes you until Friday to complete these tasks then you’ve had a productive week right? Maybe, maybe not. If you’ve been working on the same projects and tasks every week and it takes the same amount of time every week, then that is not necessarily the outcome you’re looking for.

The unfortunate truth is that as we complete the same tasks we work on every week, and complete the projects we have to complete in our work hours, we do eventually tend to get more efficient at them, meaning we can finish each task slightly quicker than before. For most people this isn’t noticed because they approach these projects knowing that they have to be done by a certain time, and as they get more efficient at these tasks, they allow themselves to become more distracted knowing still that they can have the task completed by the deadline. Most of us don’t even realize that this is happening, you’ll do the same job every day, every week, every month, and just know that you completed all of your tasks. In this modern age, we let ourselves look at our phone an extra time or two, spend an extra few minutes a day looking through social media each day, or spend a few extra minutes daydreaming while we drink our coffee. This actually does mean we are getting more efficient at these tasks, but it also means we are getting less efficient with our time.

If we take this extra time we spend on our phones each day, or on social media, or daydreaming, and cut it all out for 1 week, and just work as hard as you can on each job you’re tasked to complete, you might find that by the end of the week, you’re done your normal work a few hours early than normal. I tried this, and found that by working as efficiently as possible I could have extra time leftover to work on setting goals, or holding myself accountable to goals I had set prior.

The point of this is simple even though I’ve rambled on a bit. If you focus more on being productive and less on just getting the job done, you’ll be amazed by the extra time you have leftover to work on developing yourself further and continuing your own Climb to Success!

Until Next Time,


There Are No Secrets to Success

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

This is one of those quotes that holds very true and can be applied to succeeding in virtually all of the life arenas. Whether we’re talking about a relationship with a significant other, your career, or your fitness goals, your success truly does boil down to how hard you work, and whether or not you can learn from your failures.

The part of this that truly stands out to me is the portion about learning from failure. Anybody who has never failed, has never tried. That is not only my opinion, but rather something I will state as fact, and challenge you to prove otherwise. I have failed in life, in business, in relationships, and in fitness. Each time I failed I learned a lesson that would help me become a better person in the long run. I did not fail only once in each of these avenues to learn either, I failed many times and each time learned more lessons and grew a little bit more as a person each time.

You too will fail if you try. Everybody has failures, whether big or small, if you’ve ever truly tried to succeed, you have failed. If you can take these failures and learn something to better yourself each time, you’re moving further along on the Climb to Success.

Until Next Time,


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