In my last post I talked about motivation and burnout, and realistically that all circles back to energy, however there’s more to it than just staying motivated.  Energy plays a key part in day to day, and finding and maintaining your energy can play a key part in becoming truly successful.

Without energy, you go to work day to day, get the job done, and go home after.  When you get home you most likely lay around before bed, unenergetic and not looking forward to work the next day.  When you have energy it doesn’t just impact and improve your work life, it will also have a profound effect on your home life, your health, and your relationships with friends and family.  When you are intrinsically motivated and excited about the day to day, and give yourself the correct breaks, you not only go to work more energetic, and motivated to innovate and be the best version of yourself.   When you are truly energized you get to come home and be the best version of yourself.  This is important in life, because people talk a lot about work/life balance and how they feel overrun.  When you keep yourself motivated and energized, you give your all to work, and come home and give your all to your friends and family.

Giving your all to your job is a key part to getting ahead, it allows you to not only complete the tasks you are assigned, in the time allotted, but also gives you the motivation to innovate and get ahead which allows not only yourself to get ahead, but those around you, and the organization as a whole.  Energy plays a key in productivity, and therefore success.

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Motivation and Burnout

There comes a time when you work as hard as I do that motivation begins to run a little bit lower, and fatigue begins to bog you down day in and day out.

This burnout is something that I have experienced many times in my career.  I tend to always be going a million miles an hour, trying to finish every task, make everybody happy, and seldomly making time for myself.  In the past I’ve worked myself into the ground just in time to take a vacation and start this vicious cycle over again.  People always talk about having a work-life balance, but what does this mean, and how is it done.

In the past months I’ve gone through some crazy experiences that have pulled me away from working as much as I usually do.  I have a new girlfriend, I bought my first property, and I got into a car accident.  While these things are drastically different they do all have one thing in common, they’ve taken my mind off the game, and surprisingly, I’m not upset about that.

Sure, it’s been a bit strange not having the pedal to the metal many hours a day and grinding through tasks until the wee hours of the morning, but I’ve noticed positives coming from this as well.  Overall I find myself feeling better overall about life with these changes, despite 2 of them being quite stressful for me.  On top of this not working so much has allowed my brain to think more clearly and I’m able to formulate better ideas and strategies when I take a timeout to brainstorm, rather than worrying about a mountain of tasks I’ve taken on to try to keep everyone happy.  There’s more to life than work and money, and I’m slowly starting to realize that.

The biggest negative of all of this for me in the moment, is also probably the biggest upside for my career development in the long term.  I always take on every task handed to me to keep everyone happy all the time, and this isn’t necessarily healthy.  My biggest downfall if you were to ask anyone around me would be organization, I take on a million things, and work extremely long hours to get them all done.  This step back has given me this need to become more organized and keep my tasks in order to keep myself from falling behind.  Sure enough, I’m actually more caught up now than I was for months of working late into the night.

That’s enough for now, but more to come from my past, present, and future.  As always I hope what I’m writing can be relatable to some people out there, and help you find ways to become a better version of yourself as well, personally and professionally.

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Where to Begin?

I have lofty goals in life, and no plan to do anything but achieve these goals.  That being said everybody has goals right?  Sure, everybody has goals, and everybody has dreams, but not everybody achieves their wildest dreams, and I have set out to find out why people don’t achieve their dreams, so I can learn from the mistakes of others and use these lessons to further my own path to achieving goals.

It was said that a smart man learns from his mistakes, while a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

We all encounter failures in life, and these are mistakes that we should learn from, however if we also learn from the mistakes of others we can be that much closer.

I’ve had an interesting path, and there has been some highs, some very low lows, and a lot of knowledge gained along the way.  I hope that my story is something that people can relate to, learn from, or just enjoy the read.

Until next time…


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