A Minutes Success Pays the Failure of Years

Don’t be afraid to fail on your way to success, there’s no better way to learn!

What Are You Thankful For?

What are you thankful for this Canadian Thanksgiving?

Personally I’m thankful for Opportunity! In the past year one door in my career closed for me due to COVID-19 and another one opened for me. A great opportunity showed up for me, and I was able to grab that opportunity and further develop myself, both in my full time career, and in my side hustle.

Regardless of what you’re thankful for, let’s keep this virtue in mind as we move forward and continue our personal Climb to Success.

Until Next Time…

Define Your Brand

This advice may not make sense, unless you’re trying to build a business, but your brand is so much more than a business you want to start.  Your brand is what defines you.  Whatever it is that you want yourself defined as to the outside world.

Building your brand is a huge step in building your career, starting a business, or anything else you want to accomplish in life.   You need to build a brand on certain foundation principles.

  1. How do you spend your time outside of work?
  2. Who do you care most about?
  3. What are you passionate about?
  4. What do you want to give back to the world?
  5. How do you define success in your life?

What do you think of when asked these questions?  That answers to these questions are your brand, this is what the world sees in you, but its important to not just believe in what you answer to these questions, but to live your life based on these principles as well.   The fifth question is the one that gets tricky, based on the first four questions, you may have already answered it.  If you know how you want to spend your time, who you care about, what you’re passionate about, and what you want to give back, then you know what you need to have in order to achieve these goals, that would be your definition of success.  If you want to be remembered for the time you spent devoted to furthering a certain cause, then your ideal of success would be to have the resources available to do this in your life.

Let’s go ahead and answer these questions and define our brand.  Once we’ve defined our brand, we can begin to charter the path to reaching that success.

Until next time,


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