Dreams.   What are they?  Why do we have them?  Why are they important?   And before you think that, no i don’t mean the proverbial movies running through your mind while you’re sleeping.  What I mean by dreams are aspirations.  What you aspire to in life, where you see yourself in X number of years.  What do you dream to be “when you grow up”?  What makes you tick?  What’s the end game?

This is something that may not be the same answer every day, I mean dreams change.  This all boils down to clarity at the end of the day.  I have always known what my end game is, but where I got confused, and still get confused is determining the steps required to reach that end goal.   This is what you really have to figure out to get the most out of yourself.

Some dream of a family with a white picket fence.  Some dream of a massive house and a fancy car.  Some have lower aspirations and simply dream of being happy.  Whatever you dream of, figuring out the first step to actively move yourself closer to achieving that goal is the most important thing you can do now to set yourself up for your ideal of success.

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Why Should I Read This?

This blog is among many others in the vast expanses of the internet, and you probably wonder why you should read this and follow me instead of one of the many other blogs out there.

I try to do everything I can to drive myself forward in life, and have experienced many things along the way to where I am now.  I currently have a middle management job at a Family run business, and have a couple investments in the market, including bitcoin.  So the question is what makes me special?  Realistically nothing, aside from the fact that I’m 22 years old and have many experiences in my life that I can share, and plenty of experiences to come that I can share with you.  I spend my days doing day to day business tasks, as well as training a variety of new and experienced employees, so I hope that my training knowledge and my experiences combined can give you something to think about, learn from, or at the very least get a good laugh out of my experienced.

I’ll share posts about my life, my experiences in business, my travels, and share much of my ever expanding knowledge along the way.  I will also periodically be inserting stories from my past, and explaining how these experiences have had an impact with the lessons I’ve learned from them.

Hopefully something in here is of value to you, and I hope to share much more with you as time goes on.

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Energy Part 2

In my last post, I talked about how important energy can be in your work life, and how having energy and getting ahead can in turn help you to stay energized and motivated perpetually.  This is true, however there is so much more to balancing your energy than just your efforts at work, there is also a huge effect on your energy levels at home.

When you balance your work and home life in a way that allows you to give both facets of your life 100% of your efforts, rather than burning yourself out at work and coming home exhausted, you allow yourself to become a better version of yourself for your friends and family.  When you come home from work exhausted and spend all of your time focused on work, how does that make your family feel?  How does it make your friends feel?  If you’re anything like the old version of me, the answer is most likely that they feel undervalued in your life.  They feel as though they’re always second in your life to your job, and this isn’t healthy.  If you can’t make the time to give your friends and family 100% of yourself, and your energy, than this will never change.

In order to give your family 100% of your energy and focus, the first thing you have to do is stop thinking solely about work when you’re with them.  When you get home, take a moment before going inside to breathe and let the worries of the day drift out of your mind before you go inside to see your family.  This way when you see your family you can walk in thinking about them, with a smile on your face.  Finding this balance will not only allow you to build better relationships and really focus on the people around you that you care about.  It will also allow you to be more energized at work, because that improvement in your home life allows for a more fulfilled life all around.

Waking up in the morning after knowing you spent some real quality time with the people that matter, will allow you to go to work more refreshed and more energized.  There’s more to it than just relationships and work, but this is a good start.

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In my last post I talked about motivation and burnout, and realistically that all circles back to energy, however there’s more to it than just staying motivated.  Energy plays a key part in day to day, and finding and maintaining your energy can play a key part in becoming truly successful.

Without energy, you go to work day to day, get the job done, and go home after.  When you get home you most likely lay around before bed, unenergetic and not looking forward to work the next day.  When you have energy it doesn’t just impact and improve your work life, it will also have a profound effect on your home life, your health, and your relationships with friends and family.  When you are intrinsically motivated and excited about the day to day, and give yourself the correct breaks, you not only go to work more energetic, and motivated to innovate and be the best version of yourself.   When you are truly energized you get to come home and be the best version of yourself.  This is important in life, because people talk a lot about work/life balance and how they feel overrun.  When you keep yourself motivated and energized, you give your all to work, and come home and give your all to your friends and family.

Giving your all to your job is a key part to getting ahead, it allows you to not only complete the tasks you are assigned, in the time allotted, but also gives you the motivation to innovate and get ahead which allows not only yourself to get ahead, but those around you, and the organization as a whole.  Energy plays a key in productivity, and therefore success.

That’s enough for now, but if you have any questions, or suggestions for new posts, shoot me a message.


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