Interview – Corbin Chivers

Today we interview somebody I believe is truly remarkable, not just because of what he’s done, but the style in which he has done it.  Corbin Chivers would be the only person I know that gets less sleep than me in the drive to become successful.  Anywhere he goes Corbin knows at least smiling face in every crowd.  With his successful real estate practice and all of his advertising sometimes I feel like I see his face everywhere too.  Corbin truly loves what he does and has that unwavering desire to be successful that we talk about far too often, but is truly so rare to find.


Please describe what you do as your profession


I own and run a top 1% Real Estate team in the Fraser Valley, Corbin & Co.  I’m a licensed Realtor myself and through my Personal Real Estate Corporation we represent Buyers and Sellers in Real Estate transactions!


What made you want to get into business?


Well before Real Estate I managed a very large Health Club which I had worked at for over 8 years!  I loved my career in Health and Fitness and enjoyed every day at the gym.  I got to workout every day and earn a great living selling others on what I already believed in with a passion!  It was a dream job!…that is until the new American owners started increasing our mandatory club hours (to over 60 from 50) and also jacking up our goals!!!  In the last year I worked for that company they jacked up the goals so much that I would have earned $30,000 LESS compensation than the previous year if I had stayed!  THAT was enough for me to know I needed a big change up!  I couldn’t afford to work there any longer but I didn’t know where I could take my experience and skill-set and replace a 6-figure a year job on day 1!  Other gyms weren’t paying any better so I really struggled with what to do!….Then enters my best friend Chris, the “Realtor!”…Chris (Who also ironically worked for me at the gym at one point) had been chatting with me casually over several years about working together as a Realtor with him and his family but I was always reluctant because I had so much passion for health and fitness.  When I heard the kind of compensation he was earning for the amount of work he was doing I couldn’t believe it though so instantly I was interested!  I felt like the daily hustle and dedication I put into the Health and Fitness position that led me to win every top award and be very successful would translate into Real Estate!  Chris taught me that I could combine my passion for helping PEOPLE (which was really the passion all along) and SALES and still have an incredible rewarding and enjoyable career!  Once I met with him and his family to go through the details and explore the total opportunity…I was SOLD and the rest is history!


What is your biggest motivator day to day?  What keeps you going?


At the end of the day my job is helping someone make one of the biggest (usually THE biggest) financial and emotional decision of their life – What/where/when they buy a HOME!  It’s extremely gratifying to be an integral part of this process and that’s where much of my day to day motivation comes from.  Other than that though my biggest motivator comes from my burning desire to achieve as much as I am capable of.  I have always had this feeling where I want to do as much as I can possibly do and don’t ever want to leave anything on the table.  I have a very extreme personality when it comes to competition and I totally thrive on that when it comes to running my business.  I literally turn work into a big game and I feel like commissions or how many homes you’ve sold is just a way of keeping the score (as cliche as that sounds)!  I LOVE watching the monthly rankings and seeing how I stack up to other Realtors and I take immense pride to know that I’m in the top 30 Realtors out of 3700 board-wide and that’s all because of my own hard work and discipline and nobody else’s other than my amazing team and clients of course.  Looking at who’s kicking my ass on the scoreboard for an hour or two always reignites the fire in my belly and gets me right back to the hustle!


What would you say is the key to your success?


It sounds cliche but it’s Discipline and Gratitude.  Discipline proceeds hard work or training various skills because both require discipline to even get started.  Discipline happens when you know your why and your why ultimately pulls you towards your goals.  Like Tony Robbins says, you’ll never succeed if you have to push yourself to work.  That never lasts.  If your why is BIG enough then nothing can stand in your way and you’ll have unwavering absolute commitment to achieving your goals at any cost.  I feel like for anyone getting started and reading this, this is one of the best practices you can try is to discover your own why for yourself.  What lights the fire in your belly when you envision your ultimate future?  What exactly does this future look like to you? If your why is too general and not specific you’ll never make the sacrifices you need for long enough to achieve the goal.  The beauty of discipline is it’s controllable.  You can’t control your IQ!  The second part about Gratitude is also very important.  If you can’t acknowledge and appreciate all that you currently have – then you’ll never train your mind to appreciate anything new that you gain as you’ll always be focused on the “next thing”.  It wasn’t until 2016 that I took this second practice to heart when it was in the Summer, and I remember having almost a “numb” feeling after earning more money in this one MONTH than I had earned in a YEAR at my previous job….”so where was the excitement?” I thought!  I almost couldn’t believe it.  I was SO focused on getting more and more that within mere moments of that month being over I was already working on the next deal like that entire month had never happened.  I didn’t even let myself celebrate it and had already moved on!…Crazy, most people will think (myself included!).  But what had happened is I totally got consumed with the hustle and forgot what meant the most, and that’s the DAILY practice of being grateful.  After a few counselling sessions and some good talks with my girlfriend I realized that what I needed to do was, without exception, 7 days a week, consciously journal to myself (I use the app BLISS for Android) listing all the amazing things in my life and why I’m grateful for them.  2 Years later and I’ve never been happier.    If you’re reading this – whether it be in physical journal or on your phone/computer, take 5 minutes every single day and write down 3 things you are grateful for and why.  Put some thought into it.  You’ll still lose sight and get disappointed and upset of course but the longer you do this the quicker you’ll regain perspective, which I like to call the “cousin” of gratitude.


What do you believe the future holds for you?


As far as professionally – In the short term I’d like to become the #1 Real Estate Team in the Fraser Valley.  Currently we are the #5 team of 3 members so the top is definitely within reach.  In my personal life I see myself getting married to my beautiful and incredible girlfriend Tina who I’m in love with and being an official step Dad to her amazing son Austin.  As far as the long term I’m careful to put any boundaries on where I think I’ll be…in my past I would have never dreamed I would be in such an amazing spot in my life, relationship wise and financially…so if anything that taught me to be careful setting my goals too low, or I just might achieve them!


Finally, how do you define success?  Is it a dollar amount, a certain lifestyle, something else?


I have to drop another Tony Robbins quote for this because it’s basically the thesis of my entire life: “Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.

As we can see evidenced here, Corbin truly embodies the spirit of success.  The motivation he has is unwavering and his future potential is truly unlimited.

Check back soon for the next installment in our interview series.

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Stress. Driving Force or Crushing Pressure?

How does stress affect the way you function? How can you harness it to turn it into a tool to make you invincible? Some of of thrive under pressure and some of us crumble. Stress is something that everyone faces. We all have things going on in life that stress us out, deadlines, commitments, friends and family, and money.

Stress is some cases leads to anxiety, a growing problem with today’s younger generation. Millennials specifically are constantly stressed about living in the shadow on Gen X and the Baby Boomers. Constantly stressed about living up to high expectations, and more often than not stressed about money.

Let’s start with an easy one.


If you can’t put yourself first then that’s a problem. Putting yourself first is the first step in commanding your stress. If you can’t believe in yourself, and don’t believe what you’re doing is enough. Then you expect too much, which will always leave you worrying about what you’re doing. When I do something with the best of my ability, I accept that I’ve done my best, but in the future I will be able to do better. I don’t doubt what I’ve done now, but I do know I can always learn to be better. This is the first step to commanding your stress.

The same goes with money stress. If you worry about you, and stop comparing yourself to everyone else, I guarantee you’ll be a hell of a lot happier. Focus on what you need, what makes you happy, not on things that make other people think higher of you. You don’t need things to make others happy, only to make yourself happy.

Focus on this and I promise, you’ll handle your stress better!


Interview – Morgan Walls

Today we have an interview with somebody who I believe has embodied the spirit of “hustling” in his career.  Somebody whom I believe has a perspective that would benefit the reading Audience.  When looking for interview subjects I look for people that have truly embodied the hustle, have had to grind their way to the top, and have a fiery passion for the climb to success.   I believe that the man we speak to today truly embodies these characteristics.  This gentleman has a passion that is contagious.  Each time I speak to him I find myself motivated to push myself even harder.  I hope each and everyone of you can gain something from this as I have!


Morgan Walls is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Grant Cardone Canada.  The organization provides training solutions to sales businesses in a B2B environment.

Question: Please describe what you do as your profession.

Answer: I’m a Sales and Marketing Manager for Grant Cardone Canada. I help companies and individuals grow their sales by developing their people and giving them solutions to
everyday sales challenges.

Question: What made you want to get into business?

Answer: I have a passion for education, sales and helping people. My track coach in High School handed me a book, a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad. It made me realize that the normal path that people are sent down (university, job, house, etc.. ) doesn’t really lead to
wealth and prosperity. From that point on I began reading books on business and
investing. It lit the embers for a growing obsession of how I could become successful.
Fast forward a few years and I had to drop out of college because I ran out of money
and chose between taking a job selling knives or working in a factory.. and so my Sales
Journey began. I knocked door to door all day each day, and then moved into a few
other roles. After being in sales for a number of years I realized how many people
struggled in the business because they weren’t properly trained on how to do their job.
Grant Cardone has helped tens of thousands of people increase their incomes, provide
for their families and improve their lives — So when I got the chance to be a part of the
Team, I jumped at the opportunity.

Question: What is your biggest motivator day to day? What keeps you going?

Answer: I want to be “the guy”. No, really. I’m obsessed with pushing myself to the next level and being the person I know I can be. I have this image in my head of the future me that I’m chasing, the confident, successful, philanthropic, globe trotter that has an amazing family, flourishing businesses and is loved and respected all over the world. So every day I am sort of carving out a little bit more of that person. So when things get tough I know that I have to push forward to get a little closer or risk getting further away.
Every day twice a day, I write down some of the goals that this future me has achieved,
so I am always looking and trying to move towards some part of him.
The flip side is what I’m moving away from. I grew up without a lot of money so I know
how stressful life is for people that are struggling to make ends meet. I know first hand
the strain that puts on a family. I want my future children to have every opportunity to
succeed and have a great life so I work hard to ensure I can create that for them.

Question: What would you say is the key to your success?

Answer: Resilience. I refuse to quit on my vision of life. I’ve “failed” at a lot of things and put myself in a lot of very difficult positions, sometimes just to see if I could do them. It
taught me that no matter what I can keep pushing forwards – and that’s the biggest thing
that has gotten me this far. I can persist and move forward through any challenge and
adversity.  When I started with this business, my first few months I was making less than $500.00 a month for the first few months while working 14/15 hour days. 10 plus hours of cold calls, hundreds of hand written letters, and studying business and sales into the late hours of the night. I hated it. I hated literally every second of it, but I knew that was just a chapter that I had to go through to get to the next chapter. I also knew that if I gave up I would have to go through that chapter again later down the road. Everything we do
rewards us three to six months down the road.
Eventually, given the targets that I have.. big targets and big goals, at some point or
another I was going to have to go through the pain and challenges of creating
something meaningful, creating my vehicle for success. I also believe in what we’re
creating, so that allows me to show up in integrity.
The other thing is I’m willing to sacrifice comfort, friends, time out etc for what I want
without a second thought. If someone or something is countering my purposes, they’re
gone. It might be harsh – and it is to some degree – but I refuse to allow threats to what
I’m doing stay in my environment.

Question: What do you believe the future holds for you?

Answer: I’m going to help a lot of people. I’m realizing more and more that our society is sort of asleep. I see it as a duty to put myself in a position to effect positive change and help people become more educated and prosperous in their lives.
I am going to invest into education all over the world, and help people understand the
principles of how to improve their lives. Most people, our society, is asleep. Especially
here in Canada, we have this veneer that everything is okay, but most people are
struggling to get by every day, I want to change that. People know that more is out
there, but they don’t believe that it is for them. I want to help them know that it can be.
6. Finally, how do you define success? Is it a dollar amount, a certain lifestyle,
something else?
Success to me is continually striving for and hitting bigger targets. It’s continuing to
expand and grow in all areas of life. I have massive financial targets, but they’re simply
there to provide the resources to fuel my life. It’s constant movement and expansion. It
isn’t a specific place, it is not something I am going to get to and say great I’m done I’ve
made it, it is just being in a state where I am constantly growing and expanding. Once
I’ve impacted a lot of people, ask me again, I might have a different answer. I’m just
getting started.

A HUGE Thank You to Morgan for sharing his experiences with us here today.  I hope you can all learn something from this man’s unique perspective and extreme passion for what he does everyday!

Until Next Time,

Alan McKearney

(Photo Attached Provided by Interview Subject)


Prominent Role Models

For the next while, we will be running something new. Interviews with business people who have hustle and motivation. This will be beginning in the coming weeks and will be a great way to learn different ways of doing things.

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The Power Of Routine

Happy Monday Everybody!

I know that a lot of you out there don’t share my feelings about Monday’s, but luckily that isn’t what I’m going to talk about today.

Today we’re going to talk about the power of having a routine. I know that it’s often said that doing the same old thing over and over again won’t help you get ahead, and yeah this is true, but we aren’t talking about doing the same old thing over and over. We’re simply talking about routine.

The kind of routines you want to have are very simple. Brush your teeth and shower every morning when you wake up, and you also make your bed, and eat breakfast before you head out the door. These simple tasks you complete all the time are more important than you might think. Do you remember that one time you overslept and had to have a quick shower, but you didn’t have time to eat breakfast or make your bed, and you didn’t even realize you forgot to brush your teeth that morning? You probably got to work and had a pretty rough day all in all.

Why did you have a rough day? And how did I know that? When you complete those few small tasks every morning, you may not realize it, but you’ve accomplished something. When you missed those tasks, you feel like you’ve already failed the day, so you felt that way the rest of the day. Feeling down all day caused you to not work as hard, or focus as well as usual.

Find out what your routine in the morning is, and make sure you feel accomplished when you complete those tasks every morning. If you want to change up your routine, write it down, stick the new routine on your bedroom mirror, and accomplish the new tasks too.

If you do this, everyday you can walk into work feeling good about yourself, and confident about the day.

Until next time,