Make Progress, Don’t Wait for Perfect

As usual this quote is one I feel quite passionate about. We have to continue to make progress no matter what we’re doing. Perfection is not something you can achieve right away, it takes years of dedication and perseverance. Let’s drive for progress, a slight improvement. Just remember if you can improve 1% each week, when we assume 50 work weeks a year, that makes a 50% improvement at the end of the year! Keep improving little by little and push forward through whatever obstacles may come your way!

Moving Forward

I love this quote, it focuses on something that I myself have had to spend a great deal of time coaching myself on throughout my career. This was always a huge opportunity for me, dwelling on something and second guessing myself. I used to have a hard time making difficult decisions as I’d second guess myself and dwell on the possible outcomes, even after the decision has been made.

This week, let’s focus on driving forward without worrying about the past. Let’s make decisions to make a better future and leave the past where it belongs, in the past!


Starting the Week Strong!

The picture may be worth a thousand words, but I’ll insert a few here just to emphasize the point here.

The attitude we choose to enter a situation with can have a huge impact on the end result of the situation.

Let’s make sure we go into this week with a strong positive attitude and make for a great week ahead!

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