A New Chapter

Throughout the course of each of our careers, we go through different chapters of that story. Each chapter from beginning to end has us in different jobs or positions and gives us the opportunity to develop new skills and make new mistakes. Along the way we have the opportunity to learn new lessons also.

I’m turning the page to a new chapter of my career now. Leaving a position I love with a company I’ve been with for years. It’s always bittersweet moving on to that next chapter, but the way you handle it can greatly affect the outcome. Some choose to embrace the new chapter and dive in, while others tend to dwell in the past more and be more defensive about the changes in the next chapter.

I for one am excited to dive in and embrace this new opportunity with all the new challenges that come along with it. I’ll keep updating this as time goes on.

I also apologize for being AWOL for awhile, but I’ll be back more consistently again now!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next update!



The Power of Mentorship

We all have that one person in our professional lives that truly changed the way our career was headed for the better. This person, a mentor, is the most valuable resource you’ll ever have.

Whether it’s the boss that takes you under their wing and helps develop you to the next level, or the seasoned coworker that helps you to become the best version of yourself every day, we’ve all had one. This person is also the person at work you know will always be there for you when you’re in over your head, or just not understanding what is going on, they’re always there to help you through.

Finding this mentor can be an incredible tool in your career success as being taken under the wing of an experienced professional can truly impact not only what you learn, but the connections you’re able to make as you move further down the road in your career.

Your mentor may not even be at your current job, it may be somebody from a previous job, or externally someone you know within the industry that is there to help you succeed when you need a hand.

Who’s your memorable mentor? Comment Below


It’s Not About Ideas, It’s About Making Ideas Happen

With everyone these days worrying about coming up with “the latest thing”, ideas are a dime a dozen.  Everyone has brilliant ideas, but having an idea alone doesn’t do much.  The key step in creating something new isn’t to merely come up with the idea, but also to execute on these ideas.  Making ideas happen is what matters.

Let’s go into next week after a relaxing weekend off, focused on not the idea but the execution and see where it takes us in the next week.

Until Next Time,


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You’re only as strong as the team you play with, it’s that simple no matter what the circumstances are.

Working to woo that latest client?  Trying to win that provincial or state championship ring?  Trying to achieve that latest sales quota?

No matter the situation you find yourself in, you’re only as strong as the team by your side.   There’s a reason that wolves don’t travel alone, they travel in packs because they know they stand stronger as a team.  When they work together they possess the power to overcome any obstacle that may come their way.

When you work as a part of a strong team professionally you possess the power to get past any obstacles that may impede you from realizing your goal.  If you want to achieve greatness, you need a strong team by your side.   The most successful people in our history have found the potential within individuals and harness this ability to further their efforts.

Don’t try to be a soldier running into battle alone, find your army and keep them by your side as you proceed to battle and overcome anything that comes your way!


Motivation Monday

Monday Morning, the most dreaded time of the week, or is it?

This depends entirely as your perspective. If you go in thinking that you’re heading into just another work week, then it shall be just that, another ordinary week full headed off by a Monday full of dread.

Rather if you see this as the opportunity to have a brand new week of opportunities to go out and win, them it shall be just that.

Go forth and seize the opportunities this week brings to you!