How Youth Sports Inspire Career Success

In my professional experience, I’ve found that youth sports can play a major factor in the career success of individuals early on in their careers. I know this may sound a bit crazy, however I’ve found this principle to be accurate I’m practice.

When children participate in sports as children they gain valuable skills. Each of the skills they learn allow them to have a strong baseline to grow and leverage these skills as they grow into young professionals.

The first of these skills is teamwork. No matter what you do for a living, teamwork is a life skill that will enable you to be successful in a wide landscape on environments. Learning to be a team player as an adult, once you start your career is substantially harder than learning it as a child. When a child plays team sports, and they grow up in that environment of being part of a team to be successful, that though is engrained into them for the rest of their lives. When you believe that your role enables the success of the team, it pushes you to work harder for others, and keeps that fire burning by motivating other members of the team.

The second major skill I notice that translates well is discipline. Children learn through athletics to be disciplined through a variety of activities, practice, and games. All of these activities require a child to do things a certain way, and to stick to a plan as they focus on bettering themselves. This discipline translates well into a career environment. Disciplined people have the ability to make a plan, and stick to it whether or not the road they travel gets tough.

Thirdly, and lastly the other major lesson that survives the leap from youth sports to adult career success is motivation, or competitiveness. When you play sports as a child, you have this drive deep within yourself to be better, this drive to always be better tomorrow than you were today. With this drive to be better, it induces a habit of being reflective and determining what you’ve done to be better today than yesterday.

When you combine these skills learned from sport together, they don’t necessarily help you succeed. What they do however, is ensure you have a solid arsenal of tools in your toolbox to grow and become a successful individual in career and in life.

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The Universal Need for Leadership

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, what you’re doing, or what you plan to do.  Whatever the future holds, one of the most valuable sets of skills to possess are those of a leader.   Some people are said to be born leaders, however, I don’t personally believe this to be true.  I believe that people are a product of their environment and that these people learn their leadership skills as they grow.

I believe that skills are learned through either desire or desperation.  When desperate you learn new skills in order to survive.  If you need a particular skill to get a job, keep a job, or something along these lines, you push and push to learn this skill quickly, in order to ensure you can survive.  When it comes to desire, things are different and yet the same.  People with a strong desire, still have a feeling of desperation, however, this desperation is a need to achieve, a need to be better than they were yesterday.  These motivators are what allow you to learn new skills.

So when it comes to leadership, its either a burning desire to be a leader that allows people to become leaders, or a situation of desperation where something major hangs in the balance without the correct leadership initiative taken.

Whether you’re at work, playing sports, with your friends, or your family.  You’ll find leadership everywhere you look.  Leadership is essential to life.


INTERVIEW – Allen Hewitt

Today, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a professional that is truly self-made.  Someone who started a company from nothing more than an idea, and has worked his ass off to turn this company into something that not only allows him to be better but also betters the lives of his employees and clients alike.  Allen Hewitt is the Founder and Owner of North Western Synthetic Grass.


Please describe what you do as your profession.


I own North Western Property Maintenance Inc.  We specialize in 3 areas; synthetic grass installation, synthetic grass distribution, and salting/plowing.  As the owner, I motivate my team to drive our company goals and mission.


What made you want to get into business?


In short, it was a complete fluke.  I was fired from my previous sales position.  At that exact moment I told myself I would never work FOR someone again.  With my only expense at that time being a mortgage.  Ironically, I started off doing the very first thing I did to make money when I was 12.  I took my parents lawn mower and started knocking on doors.   When I started the business it was more about proving myself and surviving.  Since the beginning, we have grown to a staff of 12 employees and millions of dollars in revenue, how things have changed.


What is your biggest motivator day to day?  What keeps you going?


There are a few motivators that keep me hustling.

1)    The knowledge that my efforts directly contribute to the betterment of my employee’s kids, wives, and significant others.

2)    Competitiveness, I want our team to be the best.  I want our reputation to be the best.  At the end of the day, we do not want to compete, we want to dominate.  Having these values forces massive action and they act as gigantic drivers for me.

3)    Customers – Knowing that we can drastically change any clients yard for the better in less than 5 days ensures I am always in a hurry to help. This helps push me forward.


What would you say is the key to your success?


Four factors have contributed to my success:

1)     Athletics – by treating my body like a Ferrari I can outwork and out hustle my competitors.  My physical and mental health allows my vision/focus to stay clear. This is completed by being physically active.

2)    Went all in –I came across the product (synthetic grass) while walking my dog one evening.  I knew it would be a hit and got in my car and drove to Alberta to visit a supplier the next day.  I then spent the company’s savings on attending a massive home show telling the world that we install synthetic grass.  My ability to control fear and push through resistance guaranteed our inevitable success.

3)    Humility in Success – I still pick up the phone at any given time of the day.  I will still put on work boots and get to the shop floor.  My skill set is not above a broom.  In order to feel the heartbeat of the company, as leaders, we need to be on the shop floor, next to the accountant and in the face of as many customers as we can.  My humility helps to ensure continued success.

4)    Mentors/Good Family – By nothing more than luck I have surrounded myself with incredibly generous (with their time and advice) mentors.  These are the type of people that have “been there done that” owning companies that are generating 20 million + in sales.  To have access to their brains and advice is a huge advantage.  I was also fortunate in having easy going parents (both teachers) and loving/supportive Sisters, Cousins, Aunts Uncles and Grandparents. I was never pushed to succeed but swayed politely to be humble and do the right thing.


What do you believe the future holds for you?


Business:  The path of life will force you to go left or right.  I am certain that I will be steered into another business venture completely different than the one I am in.  I will acquire and or start more businesses and will see NWPM hit 10 million in sales within 5 years.


Finally, how do you define success?  Is it a dollar amount, a certain lifestyle, something else?


That is an in-depth question, that I haven’t, but should put more thought into.  As of today, I would define my life as being successful if I helped people achieve more.

To define the success of my business it would be to hit 10 million in sales.

Money and or purpose are required to be successful.   I don’t care who you run into in life, no one will ever tell you (with a straight face) that they will not take a Rolex watch for free or turn down money offered to them with no strings attached.  Money is important as with it you can do more good than without it.  I’d rather be unhappy and rich than unhappy and poor.

However, in my opinion “next level” successful players in the world have a laser focus purpose (Mother Teresa, Terry Fox..).  If you have a “worthy” purpose you can achieve success without possessions or money.  And without doubt, achieve a greater lasting legacy.

In conclusion, the easy way to ensure a “successful” life in my eyes is to make money, be generous by striving to make others become a greater “them” and if you really want to have the holy grail of success find a purpose that helps people and hit a home run with it.



Though we all have different opinions of success, it’s clear that Mr.Hewitt here is motivated by what is inside him, and what he can for the people, and the world around him.  People like this don’t build and scale businesses to make money, they do it to make a difference in the lives of others.  Whether those people are employees or clients, I personally believe that Mr.Hewitt is making a difference.


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Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

Why is it so hard to get up and do something, yet so easy to make excuses not to do it?

Part of this traces back to the comfort zone, which we spoke about in another recent post, however, as a society we are inherently lazy. This is a fascinating evolution as time goes on, because though I’m no expert, I can assume that our Neanderthal predecessors weren’t making up excuses to avoid going hunting. They knew they needed to go hunt to be able to eat and survive. Why do we not believe that what we strive to do is as essential as finding food?

In this modern era of convenience and technology everything we need to survive such as food and water are readily available to us. So if you have a roof over your head, and have easy access to food and water, then you’re alive and don’t have the sense of urgency of before? We should feel a necessity to not only survive, but to thrive! I feel a constant motivation to be my best self as someone who not only wants to thrive, but NEEDS to thrive in my lifetime.

Be stronger than your excuses. If you let the excuses win, you’ll never accomplish your goals, however, if you can be stronger, you’ll never let the excuses stand in your way.

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Money Stress – Don’t Let It Drag You Down

I’ve seen stress about money get in the way of the success of more people around me than anything else.  Being in a negative state of mind unfortunately prevents us from reaching our full potential, and I’ve found that more often than not, money is the thing that puts people in a negative state of mind.

Our modern capitalist society gives people a false sense of need.  We’re constantly exposed to media, and content.  This content tells us what they want us to buy, and the more we consume this content, the more we believe we need the newest car, the newest cell phone, and other new items to make us feel successful, and look successful to those around us.

The first thing to focus on is to live within your means.  If you can’t live within your means and understand that you don’t need the nicest, newest version of everything, then you’re heading down the wrong path.  If you can spend your time in a social circle of people in a similar financial situation to you.  If you spend your time with more affluent people, then you’re more likely to spend in excess to try to keep up.

If you can focus on saving money properly, and automating these savings so you don’t have a choice, and then spending within your means for the rest of the period until your next paycheque, you’ll begin to build a cushion.  The larger this nest egg or cushion gets the better you’ll feel about your finances.  If you don’t have to stress about your finances, then you’re more likely to be able to stay focused on the end goal.

More on saving, budgeting, and finances to come soon.

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