A New Chapter

Throughout the course of each of our careers, we go through different chapters of that story. Each chapter from beginning to end has us in different jobs or positions and gives us the opportunity to develop new skills and make new mistakes. Along the way we have the opportunity to learn new lessons also.

I’m turning the page to a new chapter of my career now. Leaving a position I love with a company I’ve been with for years. It’s always bittersweet moving on to that next chapter, but the way you handle it can greatly affect the outcome. Some choose to embrace the new chapter and dive in, while others tend to dwell in the past more and be more defensive about the changes in the next chapter.

I for one am excited to dive in and embrace this new opportunity with all the new challenges that come along with it. I’ll keep updating this as time goes on.

I also apologize for being AWOL for awhile, but I’ll be back more consistently again now!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next update!



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